Urban’s newest author: Shafia Zaloom

Shafia Zaloom displays her new book, Sex Teens, and Everything in Between on Friday, September 3, 2019. Photo Credit: Shafia Zaloom.

Callum Yeaman, Staff Writer

October 28, 2019

While the #metoo movement rises and sexual assault becomes one of the most prevalent issues in the United States today, only 50% of high schools require sexual education for their students. Shafia Zaloom, an Urban health education teacher and consultant, seeks to address this issue. Her new book, “Se...

Where Nobody Says “Shhh”

Zachary Ngin, Book Critic

June 7, 2016

   Public library. If you were asked to associate a sound with the term, a certain throaty hissiness might come to mind, the muffled humiliation of a librarian’s shush. Or maybe you’d hear the constant scurry of turning pages or the harsh beep of the automated checkout. Lying in the same realm of sensatio...

Recreational reading loses prevalence among busy high school students

Olivia Mitchel, Staff Writer

October 15, 2015

Remember those reading logs you got in middle school? Those glorious days when your homework was to spend a substantial amount of time with the book of your choice? No annotations necessary, no passage analyses, just you and your book. To most high school students, that all seems like a distant memory...

Urban School’s Library Leaders want you to read!

Sonja Bartlett and Hannah Sears, staff writers

December 16, 2010

This year, a new leadership opportunity was created in order to help Sarah Levin, The Urban School’s librarian, get students to be more enthusiastic about reading. Library Leaders was formed because students had been talking to Levin about ways to get their peers to take advantage of library resources....

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