Searching for students’ successful study spots


Illustration credit: Maya Campbell.

Although summer is within our grasp, the final six weeks of the school year can feel long and at times unbearable with final exams, projects and presentations. Below is a map of Urban with a guide to some great study spots to finish that lab, that voice recording or study for that final math test. Good Luck Blues!

Alex Lee ‘22 — “[Alexandria-Rear because] it’s nice and quiet and the walls are books which adds to the study vibes.”

Page Sparks ‘24 — “I find it fun to sit by the window nook of the 4th floor by Aerie because I love looking out onto the street and also talking to people and teachers as they walk by…I feel [that] it’s hard to find a quiet spot at school because there are always so many people around. I love to be in a quiet classroom by myself or with the soccer team, preferably [in] Eureka or Terra Incognita because it’s quiet and has a lot of space.”

Harper Dean ‘24 — “The library because it’s calm and a big space.”

Emmie Shannon ‘23 — ​​“Blues Lounge, especially in the mornings, because it is nice and relaxing to come in and get work done.”

Julia Susser ‘22 — “When I am really trying to focus, I need a quiet space, so I aim to work in an empty classroom. I think Alexandria is nice in the back room of the library. I would say that the garden is also really conducive for studying. I realize it isn’t quiet, but fresh air can be helpful.”

Athena MacDonald ‘22 — “[The table overlooking the Salkind Center Beach is] the best table for me because all the underclassmen are there so they don’t bother me when I do my work. It’s also good because I get to see Chef David when I walk through.”