Opinion: ‘Tis the season to eat meat, but consider the morality of mammal munching

Pick up the book “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. One copy is now available in The Urban School library.

Marney Kline, Staff Writer

December 14, 2011

“My relationship to meat? I eat it,” said Jordan Clark (’12). As Jordan shares her simple and straightforward attitude towards meat-eating, both she and I are put at ease. This statement presents nothing uncomfortable or objectionable. Until you remember that when you eat meat, you are eating...

Gourmet San Francisco hamburger joint ROAM offers “guilt-free” meal

Sarah Maccabee, Staff writer

February 6, 2011

This isn’t just any hamburger. ROAM Artisan Burgers, located at 1785 Union St., is a relatively new restaurant committed to serving 100% sustainable produce. “People talk about sustainable eating, but its not just about doing one thing, its about doing a whole bunch of things,” says Josh Spiegelman who owns ROAM. From cooking with rice bran recycled vegetable oil, to using plates made from renewable plant f...

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