Gourmet San Francisco hamburger joint ROAM offers “guilt-free” meal

Sarah Maccabee, Staff writer

This isn’t just any hamburger. ROAM Artisan Burgers, located at 1785 Union St., is a relatively new restaurant committed to serving 100% sustainable produce. “People talk about sustainable eating, but its not just about doing one thing, its about doing a whole bunch of things,” says Josh Spiegelman who owns ROAM. From cooking with rice bran recycled vegetable oil, to using plates made from renewable plant fibers, ROAM takes a fresh and holistic approach to converting the classic burger into a sustainable-eating delicacy.

Stepping through the door of ROAM, one enters into a warm and pleasantly teeming environment. A sprawling high-quality menu filled with fresh ingredients is located on the right wall. It costs $4.99 to “make your own burger.”

First, you choose the meat. There are beef, bison, turkey and organic vegetarian options. Spiegelman set forth why eating 100% grass-fed meat is so important. There is a surplus of grains, and at non-grass fed farms, cows are fed solely these excess grains for the last 90 days of their holding. The grains are an abnormal diet for the cows, so they are given hormones and antibiotics to adjust their systems to the new diet. These hormones and antibiotics aren’t used on 100% grass-fed farms, plus “good fats” like omega 3 fatty acids (which are lower in saturated fat) are more prevalent in grass-fed cattle.

Next, pick your bun, toppings and side of fries – the sweet potato fries and caramelized onion topping are two of the most popular items on the menu. Straus Family Creamery ice cream or non-fat frozen yogurt milkshakes and Farmer’s Market salads are also available as delicious side options.

ROAM has revolutionized a definitive American meal and transformed hamburgers into fresh, delicious and mindfully assembled archetypes of sustainable eating.