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MLB playoffs reveal a new generation of baseball

MLB playoffs reveal a new generation of baseball

Wes Peters, Sports Editor

December 4, 2019

After a regular season spanning 162 games, the Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason began on October 1st, 2019 with the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers playing in the National League Wild Card game. It was the beginning of a whirlwind of games that resulted in the Nationals winning the World...

Urban School reaction to San Francisco Giants’ 2012 World Series victory

Aideen Murphy, Staff Writer

December 11, 2012

LeRoy Votto’s email to Urban’s most passionate San Francisco Giants fans after the World Series said it all; “What a win!!; what a series!!  Congratulations you great, wonderful, spirited, loyal, true orange Giant fans!! I am so happy for you!” In response to the San Francisco Giants victory, I sat down with baseball fans, Ella Andrews (’14), Athletic Director Greg Angilly, and history teacher LeRoy Votto about the win, the reaction from fans — including vandalism that took pl...

Legend staffers capture the Giants’ 2012 World Series victory parade through photography

Legend staffers capture the Giants' 2012 World Series victory parade through photography

Eli Dinkelspiel, Staff Writer

November 1, 2012

As reported by The San Francisco Chronicle, 1 1/2 tons of confetti rained down upon the World Champion San Francisco Giants and their fans on Oct. 31 as San Francisco celebrated its second World Series victory in three years. Just the confetti used in the parade, held through downtown San Francisco, rep...

Urban School turns out to see baseball history at San Francisco Giants World Series parade

Fans with posters fill any empty space downtown to see the team

Staff report

November 4, 2010

Urban students turned out en masse at the Giants Parade in downtown San Francisco on Nov. 3 to celebrate the city's first World Series victory. So many students wanted to attend the parade that Dean of Student Life Charlotte Worsley decided to end the school day early. Many students eagerly raced...

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