Urban School reaction to San Francisco Giants’ 2012 World Series victory

Aideen Murphy, Staff Writer

LeRoy Votto’s email to Urban’s most passionate San Francisco Giants fans after the World Series said it all; “What a win!!; what a series!!  Congratulations you great, wonderful, spirited, loyal, true orange Giant fans!! I am so happy for you!”

In response to the San Francisco Giants victory, I sat down with baseball fans, Ella Andrews (’14), Athletic Director Greg Angilly, and history teacher LeRoy Votto about the win, the reaction from fans — including vandalism that took place in San Francisco’s Mission District— and whether or not Urban has changed as a result.

Urban School Reaction to San Francisco Giants’ World Series Victory 2012:

The Urban School Reaction to the Vandalism in the Mission District after the World Series 2012

The Urban School Discusses Whether or Not Urban Culture has Shifted as a Result of the World Series 2012 Win