Get the 411 on Urban’s Class of 2014

Every student at Urban is unique. Sometimes, a seemingly “average” person has a secret life that is only revealed when they are asked. For each issue of the Legend, a member of the freshman class will be chosen at random to tell us more about themself. By throwing a marker at a 2014 class list, we selected Luca Tramontozzi to be interviewed by Legend staff members.

Urban Legend: Can you tell us about your family?
Luca Tramontozzi: My dad is third chair bass and principle instructor for the Youth Orchestra (at the SF Symphony). He also does numerous festivals.
UL: Do you play any instruments?
LT: Yeah, I play piano. Music is kind of hereditary. My sister plays piano and violin. My eldest brother plays guitar. And my other brother, Vincent, kind of gave up.
UL: Do you feel pressure to play music because of your family? Do you feel intimidated by your dad’s job? What do you feel you can add to music that he hasn’t?
LT: No, I don’t really get the pressure from them, I just play to enjoy it and to make music.
UL: Do you get along with your siblings?
LT: I get along best with my eldest brother Nicholas and my triplet siblings get along more with each other. But I get along with all of them. My sister can get really bossy and cranky sometimes, and it can get kind of annoying. But it’s just chill. We were born on Feb. 13. Yeah, right before Valentine’s Day. We were one minute apart. I was middle, and Claire, my sister, she was first, and I was second, Vincent was third. Right now, Claire and Vincent are going to SI. It gets kind of hectic, four kids in the house doing homework. My older brother goes to Washington [High School]. He’s sixteen, so he’s a junior.
UL: How does being a triplet affect your identity? Do you ever feel a push to be alike or more different from Claire and Vincent?
LT: No, Claire and Vincent are more alike; they talk to each other more, and hang out. I’m quite independent from them. I don’t try to be like Claire, or try to be like Vincent.
UL: Has your family lived in San Francisco all your life?
LT: Yeah. My great-grandparents on my dad’s side came from Italy and married in either New York or the Boston area. ‘Cause my dad lived in Arlington for basically his whole life and then when he got his degree in music, he got a job with the San Francisco Symphony. He was one of the first instructors in the Youth Orchestra. And then my great-grandparents on my mom’s side came from Germany and they were already married and they just came over through Ellis Island.
UL: What are your interests outside of school?
LT: I like to ski and I also play baseball.
UL: Are you going to go for the Urban baseball team? What position do you play?
LT: Yeah, I’m a catcher.
UL: Do you have any quirks? Any weird talents?
LT: I can clap with one hand. I know another guy in the freshman class who can do that too.