Summer plans during COVID-19

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the globe, shelter-in-place rules have been implemented in order to contain the outbreak. Despite restrictions being reduced, many people’s summer plans have drastically changed. “The coronavirus crisis has constant readjusting of expectations and a constant roller coaster of emotions,” said Laura Hawkins, Urban math teacher.

Lourdes Sanchez ‘22 will be attending a summer camp virtually, though it was envisioned to happen in-person. Sanchez had also arranged to visit her grandparents in San Jose and Southern California but is now unsure if she will be able to see them, saying she will “just have to wait and see if regulations … tell us we can visit family.”

“[My plans have] completely gone out the window,” said Mira Vestel ‘22, who had been planning to attend a camp in Colorado Springs, compete in the Fencing Summer Nationals, and complete an internship. Now, unable to participate in any of the events she originally scheduled, Vestel is looking into a virtual internship and a volunteer opportunity.

On the other hand, Jack Hansen ‘20 will be counseling at Camp Leelanau in Northern Michigan, just as he had planned before the pandemic struck. However, there will be some changes to his camp too, though not yet official. “I’d imagine there will be probably smaller gatherings, … a lot more wiping down of the tables, … sanitizing stuff, … [food being] served cafeteria-style this year, [and] only 10 kids allowed in a place at a time.”

In a live stream on May 26th, Mayor London Breed said that starting June 15th, camps will be allowed to run as long as campers stay in small pods of 12 with 2 constant counselors per group. Due to the 1:6 counselor camper ratio, “[SF Recreation and Parks will be] hiring about 200 kids this summer who are going to be counselors in [their] camps,” said Phil Ginsburg, general manager of the SF Recreation and Park Department. This will give many high school students something to do over the summer.

Urban will also be providing virtual summer electives, like U-periods, for students. These will range from Strength & Conditioning, to Entomology, to Summer Film Society, ensuring that all students find something of interest. These electives will not be required but “is both a great way to stay connected with friends [and] also a great way to make connections with new people,” Skyler Silverman, Dean of Student Activities, said.

In addition to Urban summer electives, “Student Committee has some stuff in the very early planning stages, some things in the works,” Silverman said. While not definite, Silverman said it is likely that Student Committee “will be offering something more infrequent … [such as] events and courses a couple times over the summer.”