Urban’s next top model

Adrian Vaznaugh-Sanchez ‘22, he/him

This dress is a little Gingham thing made using 50s sewing methods. I have a fixation on vintage sewing methods and fashion, so it was a good purchase to further that interest more. I don’t often wear things that are historically accurate because it’s inconvenient. When you think of vintage fashion, you think of dark colors and purples, which is not really what I like to wear. But, I can definitely work some [vintage] elements into my modern outfits. I like to dress real feminine. I think it’s funny that I use masculine pronouns and I express myself as sort of feminine.

Fashion like: Vintage fashion.

Fashion dislike: Modern interpretations of vintage fashion being equated to actual vintage fashion.

Ciara Howard ‘24, she/her

The way I dress is one way that I interact with the world and tells a lot about how I’m feeling at the time. I’m often inspired by what other people are wearing and a lot of things I see on Pinterest.

Fashion like: I really like that it’s cool to be comfortable. You can make a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweatshirt look good, and you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look cool.

Fashion dislike: I don’t like when it’s a trend to have a designer thing or something of a specific brand. If it’s a trend like an oversized t-shirt, that’s nice. Everyone can find that somewhere and for cheap. But, for example, there was a time when everyone was really liking Champion hoodies. Those are like $60 or something which is a trend that is a bit exclusive.

Orrie Rindal ‘22, she/her

I went to a middle school that had a uniform, so when I came to Urban I really had to think about clothes for the first time and figure out what I wanted to express. At first, I kind of tried to see what everyone else was wearing and follow that, but now I’ve tried to step into what I feel comfortable wearing and what aesthetics I’m drawn to naturally. I’m influenced by a lot of queer fashion and if I like something my friend is wearing I will try that. Style has become very personal for me. I used to try to make a personality for myself or fit in with other people. Now it’s more about expressing my own personality and interests. So I really appreciate when people are able to express themselves through style and I’ve loved seeing people’s style evolutions.

Fashion like: Cowboy boots

Fashion dislike: Athleisure