XOXO -Bashful Blues

I was in the old library bathroom with my best friend Jackson Galley. We were making a TikTok [outside] the stall because we couldn’t wait. We were too excited. We were doing some dance like shaking a– and some underclassmen walked in as we were fully getting in our groove. I have made more since.
– Dylan Sabenfass ‘23

One day, I spent lunch going all the way to a Walgreens on Parnassus to get my yeast infection medication. So, I went into the all gender bathroom for some reason. I don’t know why the hell I did that, but I went to the Student Center bathroom to put in my suppository, like an idiot. And all the really cool junior girls were there in the big stall, and I was putting in the suppository. It dropped out of the applicator… on the ground and [it] rolled under out of my stall and into their stall, and they were just silent and then all left.
– Anonymous

I don’t know how she found out, but [I had someone’s sweatshirt] who graduated last year … I didn’t realize it was hers, she texted me letting me know that I was wearing her clothes in my yearbook photo and asked me to give it to her brother as soon as possible… A friend gave [the jacket] to me.
– Sasha Carney ‘23

When I was five years old, my sister triple-dog-dared me to poop out the window… I didn’t want her to make fun of me, so we pulled up a chair to the window, so I could poop out the window. My sister held me by my arms as I leaned out the window. If she were to let go I would’ve fallen to my death… but I was able to poop out the window down onto the sidewalk, which landed perfectly right next to the planter.
– Anonymous

Freshman year I was on varsity soccer, and we had a group chat called Alex T loves Max D, [who was] a senior… he was added to that group chat, and then added the whole varsity soccer team. I got hazed for a week.
Alex Thaler ‘23

In middle school… we had this Friday morning meeting check-in [with] the whole upper school, and we usually did an activity and the activity we did this time was a dance off. There were four contestants from each grade, and I raised my hand to do it. And then I got chosen. When I was up there I was doing pretty normal, silly, fifth-grade-style dancing, and was getting a lot of cheers, so I was feeling super pumped. I felt really cool, like everyone really liked me in that moment. Plus, I needed to beat a seventh or eighth grader that was ahead of me in the competition, so I decided to do a backflip. Mind you, I have never done a backflip in my entire life. I haven’t even attempted one. I was dancing on a hardwood floor, so the fall would be pretty gnarly if I didn’t land it. So, I just jump up in the air, and I flip. All I can remember is just looking straight up at the ceiling and everyone kind of going “ohhh”… I knew I didn’t land it because I obviously didn’t have enough momentum and I didn’t do it the right way. So, I just flipped 180 degrees and fell straight on my back. And I won [the dance off]… I won out of pity… I cried a little bit after.

Carol Robb ‘23

“I was at my friend’s sister’s get-together when I was a freshman. We were the only freshmen there so it was really scary, and half an hour into the party I threw up. The next day, [I was talking to] a boy on the basketball team… And he says, “yeah, I heard someone threw, like a kickback and a freshman threw up like 30 minutes into the party” and I was like, “Oh my God… that’s so crazy…”