Bashful Blues

We’ve all embarrassed ourselves at school. Whether it was two years, two trimesters, or two days ago, embarrassing moments stick in our memory and haunt us. Some Blues shared their most horrible and hilarious school mishaps with me. The following quotes have been edited for clarity.

The scale of embarrassment (least to most):

Tristan Arnovick (11th grade)
“Freshman year, I came to school with a hickey. I decided to put a BAIND-AID on it, I thought it would be a good idea. After that, I was known as ‘bandaid kid’ by some upperclassmen.”
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Orrie Rindal (12th grade)
“Freshman year, I was walking vaguely behind Ivy and then Pablo asked me if I was a student visitor and I was like no, we are in the same grade. I think I literally talked to him earlier that year.”
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Eve Young (11th grade)
“I was in the big stall in the girl’s bathroom in the Old Library and these two [I’m assuming] freshmen come in and they turn off the lights and start making a Tiktok. I decide I’m not gonna say anything but then I’m like reaching for toilet paper and they hear and say, ‘Oh my god I’m so sorry’ turn on the lights and walk out.”
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Noah Rockman (9th grade)
“A year ago my brother had friends over and we have a big bag of stuff that people left at my house. I thought, ‘these people probably forgot about the sweatshirts they left at our house and [did] not care that they left them.’ There was one really sick vintage sweatshirt in the bag, so I was like, ‘alright I’m gonna grab this sweatshirt and wear it to school because it is pretty cool.’ I washed it by the way. So I wore it to school because at this point it has been 8 months and I thought that they’d definitely forgotten about this sweatshirt they left at my house. I’m in the middle of a 15-minute break and all [of] a sudden this junior girl comes up to me and says ‘hey that’s my sweatshirt.’ It was really embarrassing and I had to take it off in front of all my friends.”
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Eduardo Razo (9th grade)
“During finals season, in science, there was a lab portion that had to do with kinetic energy or something. We had to measure the temperature of a cup of water and we had to use distilled water. The distilled water came from a squirt bottle with a little plastic tip. For some reason, I read the instructions wrong and I thought we had to light the tip of the squirt bottle on fire. It started burning and then started leaking molten plastic all over the table. For some reason, at this point, I still thought this was what we were supposed to be doing until it started leaking more plastic and almost over half the tip was gone. Matthew Casey was grading papers, so he hadn’t noticed. When he did he rushed over, fanned it out, and then just looked at me, sighed, and walked away.”

Sofie Van Natta (12th grade)
“My lizard s**** on me during Zoom class. I had to run out of the frame.”

Nick Miller (12th grade)
“Freshman year on class days we were doing ‘Freshman Olympics’ where you do certain challenges. One of the challenges was someone being blindfolded and someone else leading them across the gym. I was blindfolded, and I started running after they said ‘GO’ and accidentally ran into a concrete wall and hit my nose super hard. I was concussed and couldn’t go to the rest of class days.”
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Carly Goldblatt (11th grade)
“I was meeting my friend Allegra in the bathroom. When I walked in I said ‘Allegra?’ and she said ‘yes.’ So I automatically kicked the door of the big stall open thinking it was Allegra but it was a freshman girl peeing. I said sorry and quickly closed the door and then Allegra told me she was in the other stall.”
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Suada Duvette (12th grade)
“Freshman year I was waiting for the bathroom in Gumption. It said it was locked but it had been locked for like 20 minutes. So I start trying to open the door and all of a sudden these three seniors walk out, a guy and two girls, and they’re dripping wet with soap all over them. They just stared me down and then for the rest of the year every time I ran into them they just stared me down.”
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Perry Yun (12th grade)
“Freshman year, I was getting coffee in the old building and then going to the new building and I was running full-tilt down the stairs. I crashed into this senior guy and fully spilled my coffee all over myself, fell down an entire flight of stairs and then just sat on the ground for a second and thought, ‘Okay so this is just how it’s going today.’”
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Izzie Ballon (12th grade)
“I was on a Peer Resource Zoom that we had been planning for almost four months with 50 parents. I was doing homework with someone at school and they accidentally sent a photo of themself to the entire zoom chat full of 50 parents. I privately chatted Joey and Amina and was like, ‘please delete that I’m sorry that was a mistake.’ Neither of them responded so it was just there in the chat.”
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Sasha Carney (11th grade)
“I was walking down the stairs that lead to the entrance to Gumption and the garage and I fully ate s*** from the second stair down. I fell down 8 stairs and I’m pretty sure people saw, people I didn’t know. I was a freshman so they were definitely older.”
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