Senior Glow Ups

The seniors are all glown up! Here are a few seniors and their transformations since freshman year.

I asked seniors to describe how they’ve changed since freshman year: not just in looks but also in character.

Fiona Walther
I’m not exactly who I pictured I would be, but I know I would be excited and proud of who I’ve become. I grew in confidence, not necessarily [in my] looks but confidence in my abilities and character. I always want to keep growing but I am proud of who I have become in a short amount of time. Every senior looks [like a] baby in our freshman ID photos. We obviously look different, but we have all grown so much internally and become more complete and refined people. We cling on to old habits but also develop healthier ones. Go Class of 2022.
















Nathan Rockman
I think I’ve changed in maturity level. Also, I feel like I’m kinder and just all around a better person. Freshmen year was so long ago that it hardly feels like I can compare the person I was then to who I am now.














Ivy Armstrong
Blonder but smarter.














Stella Sears-Bicknell
When I was a freshman I was very insecure. I intentionally dressed to be inconspicuous and I was super nervous around people. I poured all my energy into school and spent most of my time alone, feeling isolated. Now, I’m much more confident and I genuinely enjoy being around people, without that sense of inferiority that I used to carry around. I found a lot of joy in fashion and self-expression, but the biggest thing I’ve realized is that my value doesn’t depend on my performance in school, my achievements, or the way my peers think of me. I’ve learned to take pressure off of myself and give myself permission to enjoy my last year here. I think freshman me would be very proud of my growth, although I suspect they’d be too nervous to say it out loud.