Grade Dean’s fall playlist


Grade deans reading The Urban Legend on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022. Photo credit: Jordan McCornock.

Have you ever wondered what your grade dean is listening to when their office door is closed and their blinds are drawn? Well, the grade deans’ fall playlist, featuring five to six tracks selected by each dean, will give you a taste of what they are listening to this fall. Their diverse picks ranging from ABBA to Kendrick Lamar to The Flaming Lips provide insight into what the deans currently have on repeat. This expansive list of the dean’s top picks also offers a look into their lives outside of Urban. I mean, can you imagine the high school version of POTUS (president of the Urban students), Charlotte Worsley, driving to Indigo Girls in a convertible with the top down? If you are studying in the Old Library, lunching in the Panhandle or on aux in the gym, we hope you give the deans’ playlist a listen, and enjoy!



9th grade dean Charisse Wu prefers listening to music in her car at maximum volume. As a result, her comfort item is her blue speaker that she brings everywhere. Wu is a new Harry Styles fan, and would describe her music taste as an eclectic sound buffet. 


Charlotte Worsley, the 10th grade dean sang in an acapella group from fifth through eighth grade. In high school, she stopped music to pursue sports, but still enjoyed the drive to school in her dad’s convertible blasting Indigo Girls. Now, some of Worsley’s favorites include the soundtracks from the musicals Mamma Mia and Hamilton. 


11th grade Dean Ricco Siasoco played the male lead in his high school’s production of “Hello Dolly.” In addition to his Deans Fall Playlist picks, Siasoco said, “I like Mariah Carey, in case you didn’t know I’m gay.” In three words, Siasoco would describe his music taste as autumnal, powerful and sentimental. 


Riley Maddox, the 12th grade dean, is always down to explore new genres. “Be interested in what your pals are listening to,” Maddox said when asked how one should discover new music. In high school, Maddox played the trumpet. He described his current music as out of the ordinary and hap-hazard. “[If] you hit a piece of music at the right time in your life, it rocks, even if it’s kinda garbage.”