Urban students engage in a school-wide game of Assassin


For the second year in a row, Urban is engaging in a school-wide game of Assassin. Every student who signed up was assigned a random target in the school on Mar. 14, and the school has been alive with creative assassination attempts ever since.

Teresa Bengtsson (’14) says, “I had to trick [my target]. I said I had an issue I wanted to discuss with her. At first she didn’t believe me, because she was a sophomore who I didn’t really know, but eventually she believed me and I got her.”

There are some key differences in the organization of the game this year. Colored stickers are being used in lieu of simple tagging, and emails have replaced the crude paper slips of last year. All in all, Assassin seems more organized and less chaotic than it was last year. Olivia Florentino (’13) says, “I like the sticker idea. It’s a little bit stronger than the verbal assassination. People are being vicious this year.”