Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Urban and beyond


David Yu/Flickr

Valentine’s Day pillow fight in Justin Herman Plaza.

Feb. 14 can be a confusing time. It can be a dreaded day for some, but for others, it’s business as usual.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means that most Urban students won’t be slipping cards or candy into each other’s boxes on Feb. 14. But it seems like that’s a tradition that has been left behind in middle school.

Now, the role of  mostly falls to Community Outreach, headed by Diana Silvestri (‘15) and Michael Fisher (‘15). They will be selling SweeTart Hearts for 50 cents from Wednesday, Feb. 11, to Friday, Feb. 13, with the proceeds going towards Huckleberry Youth Programs. (See the bulletin board for more info.)

Valentine’s Day celebrations are focused around relationships, which leave most Urban students out of the loop. According to Pheobe Yusim (‘16), “It’s a really good day to establish a day of love for couples, especially married couples.”

Many Urban students simply don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because they aren’t in relationships. Harry Bendeckey (‘15), Reid Buzby (‘15), Lars Archer (‘16), Kemp Atkinson (‘15) and Octave Lepinard (‘15) all agreed that they were not planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day in any way. Atkinson was confused, asking, “What, religiously?” Dominic Bobila, Lucas Lepinard, and Max McAllister (‘17) said they acknowledged the day but did nothing else.

Bonnie Barillas (‘15) said, “it’s kinda pointless and sad for people who aren’t in a relationship.” But Maddy Murnane (‘15) disagreed, saying “I don’t think you need a relationship to celebrate the day.” Yusim echoed her sentiment, saying, “you can have a friend as a Valentine!”

Jack Gallo (‘16) and Andre Campbell (‘16) plan on ballin’ on Valentine’s Day – it’s the boy’s Varsity Basketball’s last league game of the season. For all the non-ballers out there, here are a couple suggestions to make the day memorable. Valentine’s Day activities don’t have to be romantic: Harry Bendeckey (‘15) watched the entire second season of House of Cards last year on Valentine’s Day.

♡ Wanna blow off some steam? Go to the Valentine’s Day pillow fight with your date or some friends. Hundreds of people gather each year armed with pillows and have at it. 6 PM, Justin Herman Plaza.

♡ Wanna try something adventurous? Rent a bicycle built for two with special Valentine’s day rates from Blazing Saddles and Bay City Bike. Pack a picnic and take a ride around the city.

♡ Wanna celebrate in the tradition of Leslie Knope? Have a Galentine’s Day celebration on Feb. 13! Make a reservation at Lovejoy’s Tea Room on Church and Clipper St., and invite your closest friends. It’ll be dainty and delicious.

Wanna do something unique? Print your boo a 3D rose on Urban’s 3D printer as a sign of your affection. It’ll last way longer than the real thing and I promise they’ll be impressed. Email Bethany for details.

♡ Wanna make a difference on Valentine’s Day? Participate in the biggest mass action to end violence against women through one of One Billion Rising’s five San Francisco events. More info here.

♡ Wanna do something entirely unconventional? Go to a free beginning parkour class in Berkeley. It’ll definitely be memorable.