Golden State Warriors set winning record

image from Wikipedia

image from Wikipedia

Nothing represents the Bay Area like our sports teams. Not only do we have the revered World Series Champions Giants team, but now we have another feat to be proud of — the Golden State Warriors, who just set “an N.B.A. record for the most victories in a single season.”

This season the Warriors won 73 games and only lost 9. This beats the previous record of the Chicago Bulls in their 1995-96 season when they won 72 games and lost 10. According to a New York Times article about the streak, the Warriors made more history than just this winning streak, as they became “the first team in league history to open a season with 24 straight victories; the first to win 34 games on the road; the first to go an entire season without losing to the same team twice; (and) the first to avoid losing consecutive games.”

The Warriors have now finished their regular season and moved on to the playoffs. Yet, again, they have set another record. According to, “the Golden State Warriors set an NBA playoff record with 21 three-pointers… to beat the Houston Rockets 121-94 on Sunday for a 3-1 series lead.” They are currently the number one seed of the season in their league.

However, although the Warriors may be setting records left and right, they may soon face a challenge. MVP Stephen Curry, who had just “returned to the court… after missing two games with a right ankle injury” went on to sustain a “right knee sprain” when he slipped before halftime. Unfortunately, he will now be out for two weeks. Sports Illustrated describes his importance by detailing his past accomplishments, as “he led the league in scoring, threes, steals, Player Efficiency Rating, True Shooting %, Win Shares and Real Plus Minus, and he’s the overwhelming favorite to be named MVP for the second straight year”.

The impact of this injury on the team is expected to be significant. Game 5 of the playoffs will be hosted by the Warriors tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th.