Increased interest in Urban School volleyball creates frosh-soph team

This year, there has been the biggest increase of girls volleyball players since Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Basketball coach Joe Skiffer has been at Urban. With 38 students showing up to tryouts, the Urban School was able to field not only full varsity and junior varsity teams, but also create a new freshman-sophomore team. The creation of the “frosh-soph” team is expected to add competitiveness to Urban’s volleyball program, one that has flailed in the past.

Since the first day of tryouts on August 15, Urban Athletic Director Joe Skiffer knew that the creation of a freshman-sophomore team was manageable. With a whopping 129 freshman this year, 36 students more than the class of 2017, more student-athletes was to be expected. “With more girls in the program, I think it will add more competitiveness, which is healthy” said Skiffer.

“I’m excited about the future of the program. It’s great to have so many kids involved,” said Assistant Head of Athletics and Varsity volleyball coach Kali Hayes.

The new frosh-soph team practices as much as JV and varsity, which is five days a week; excluding game days. The demanding game and practice schedule contributes to the competitive atmosphere of the team.

 “Despite being a frosh-soph team, our coaches make the point that playing time is not equal,” said player Somerset Miles Dwyer (‘20). According to Miles Dwyer, playing time is determined by “both physical and mental attendance, and skill level.”

Perhaps this competitive atmosphere speaks to the undefeated record that the team has held thus far in the season. However, the frosh-soph team is not all work and no play.

Though technically a freshman-sophomore team, the team is built with 12 freshman. “I really enjoy it [the frosh-soph team]… It has been a great way to meet new people,” said Asante Spenter (‘20).

“I’m very glad they [Urban] made a frosh team. There are more options for people to try new things,” said team member Remy Noveshen (‘20).

With the growing number of Urban students, positive reaction from the new frosh-soph team, and cuts that happen in almost every Urban sport, one may wonder if Urban will start creating more teams for each sport.

According to Skiffer, for any sport that plays and practices on the Urban campus, Urban will most likely create a new team. This could apply for fencing and girls basketball, as the boys basketball program already fields three teams.

Because of the growing number of Urban students, and cuts that happen in almost every Urban sport, positive reactions from the new frosh-soph team may lead to more Blues teams in Urban’s future.