Urban School Community Offers Advice for Freshmen

As the leaves change (kind of), so doth Urban (dramatically). Yes, Urban, we have a brand new freshman class. That’s 99 baby Blues. Whether we’re sophomores, juniors, seniors, faculty or staff members, or even Justin from 1428 Haight, we’ve all been freshmen once. And we all have a little bit of advice for the class of 2019. We here at The Urban Legend hope that this comprehensive list of wisdom will prove helpful to the freshmen, in whatever way they choose to heed it.


“Don’t be afraid to do things by yourself. You really don’t look like a loser.”–Eleanor James (‘16)

“It feels like everyone is staring at you, but they’re not.”–Sarah Fingerhood (‘17)

“Don’t cling to one friend.”–Spencer Rosen (‘17)

“Be comfortable not going to parties every weekend.”–Maia Bruno-BaSaing (‘16)

“Have fun now. No, don’t.”–Monique Perry (Registrar/Assistant for Academics)

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”–Justin (Cashier at 1428 Haight)

“Don’t call people mean names.”–Brad Bell (‘18)

“Friend groups always change.”–Jenny Assaf (‘16)


“Ask your teachers for help.”–Sarah Weihl (‘17)

“Take advantage of how unique Urban’s teacher-student relationships are.”–Gwen McLaughlin (‘16)

‘Use your E periods wisely.”–Abby Walker (‘18)

“Take your break. Don’t hang out in the classroom. Breaks are good.”–Alexis Wright (English Teacher)


“Don’t turn out like me.”–Leo Weisman (‘16)

“Be strategic when you go to [Haight Street Market]. Know the sandwich schedule.”–David Shostak (‘16)

“Try everything.”–Sonia Fillipow (‘16)

“Don’t force yourself to figure out who you are… You’ll figure it out later.”–Kira Waldman (‘16)

“Don’t go out to lunch every day.”–Alley Rome (‘17)

“Back up your computer, check your email, don’t eat yellow snow.”–Seth Snyder (Tech Support)

“Don’t eat blue snow, either.”–Igor Zagatsky (Tech Support)

“It’s ok if everything doesn’t make sense now.”–Dawn Jefferson (English Teacher, 11/12 Grade Dean)

Freshmen, take note. If you follow these simple steps, you should find yourself looking just like those easy-breezy seniors you see sitting in the garden sipping a green smoothie from a mason jar, totally stress-free, with plenty of free time and nine whole hours of sleep.