Meet the class of 2021

Here is a spotlight on three of this year’s newest Blues!


Cate Gorski

Previous School: Mark Day School.

Favorite Movie: “Sing Street” or “Begin Again”

Favorite Activities:  Volleyball and Dance

Favorite Animal: Lion

One song she would listen to for the rest of her life: “3005” by Childish Gambino

Fun Fact: She lived in Burgos, Spain, with a family she previously did not know, for six months when she was eleven. She travelled with the abroad program En Famille as a way to experience Spanish Culture.




Luka Hecht

Previous school: Emerson Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Movie: “V for Vendetta” or “Dead Poets Society”

Favorite Activities: Soccer, exercising, and hanging out with friends

Favorite Animal: Falcon

If he could only eat one food for the rest of his life it would be: Nutella

Fun Fact: He has lived on 3 different continents.




Remmi Duplessis

Previous school: Hamlin

Favorite Movie: “Spiderman Homecoming” and “IT”

Favorite Activities: Dance and acting

Favorite Animal: Zebra

Who would play her in a movie about her life: Zendaya

Fun Fact: She grew up in Brooklyn, New York and lived there for 11 years.