Senior Regrets

Zella Lezak, Managing Online Editor


As the Class of 2020 finishes up their last weeks on virtual Urban, a period of reflection arises. What could they have done differently? What do they wish they had known? Continue reading to dive into regrets and reflections from the senior class they have developed over their time at Urban. I hope it will allow time for reflection for not only the class of 2020 but the rest of the Urban community as well.

Isabel Sheppard:

“Chef David is a God, don’t just go to him for food. He’s actually really good at life advice. Just [talk] to him in the line, ask him about his day. Be friends with the teachers, don’t just be friends with your peers… Don’t let people who don’t deserve your time of day to occupy your mind. Don’t let people hold power over you when there’s so much more that you are going to experience in life… Just enjoy it because obviously, I didn’t know that the coronavirus was going to happen and that this time was going to be taken away. I took time for granted.”

Anna Krylova:

“I wish I had interacted with my grade a lot more… Because my friend group was upperclassmen and because I was taking so many classes with upperclassmen… I haven’t had classes with my grade. I haven’t really talked to them or worked with them as much as I would have liked to.”

Tallula Ricciardi:

“I think my biggest regret is probably overthinking everything. I just wish I hadn’t been so stressed about schoolwork or about social stuff or anything like that. I wish I had chilled out and realized that everything was going to work out in the end, which is kind of cheesy but I’ve found it to be true.”

Sophia Stephens:

“I grew and learned a lot from supporting… my friends and boyfriends that I had throughout high school. Sharing in their diversity of interests by going to their games, performances, races, and concerts was a highlight of my Urban experience.”

Jake Blachford:

“I regret not being as open and not putting as much enthusiasm towards school and school spirit.”