The downfall of Rudy Giuliani

In recent months, Rudy Giuliani has become an oddly relevant American political figure as President Donald Trump’s attorney. He has been the main figure – aside from President Trump – alleging voter fraud and calling for a reversal of the election results. He is known to many Americans as an extreme right-wing controversial figure, a reputation which is in stark contrast to the one he held as mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. As Urban student Harrison Sharp-Craig, ‘21 said, “I think he had a decent reputation.”
Before becoming Trump’s attorney, he was remembered for his role as mayor of New York during the September 11th terrorist attacks. John Oliver, the host of “Last Week Tonight,” said, “The thing he’s most famous for is being mayor of New York City on 9/11, after which he was rightly celebrated for being a calm, steady presence,” during the horrific events of 9/11. Giuliani was regarded as a national hero, as he was there for the people of New York and America during the crisis of 9/11. He was later honored by Time as their Person of the Year. He also had a reputation for being tough on crime.He receives praise for helping lower the crime rate in New York City during his tenure as mayor.
A former New York resident, Katina Papson-Rigby, director of service learning, said, “I remember people having mixed feelings about him as a mayor.” Giuliani was slightly controversial, as he introduced racist policies such as stop and frisk.Overall the major points of his tenure as mayor were well received.
Giuliani’s past as a mayor is far from what he is viewed as now; while acting as one of President Trump’s attorneys, he has stirred up controversy a multitude of times. He has held press conference after press conference irately yelling about voter fraud without presenting any evidence. Giuliani has mistakenly given a press conference in front of a landscaping company, has had his hair dye drip down his face with sweat and has acted incredibly flustered when asked questions, all of which has continued to damage his reputation. His incriminating appearance in the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” also generated lots of criticism and sunk his reputation even further. Sharp-Craig said, “his reputation hasn’t been good ever since he’s been on the Trump team, as well as because of the new Borat film.”
Now he goes into court hearings without evidence and terrible witnesses only to get shut down by the incredibly conservative Supreme Court, of which three justices were nominated by Trump.. A whole generation of teens, myself included, don’t know about Giuliani’s past and have only experienced his antics as the President’s lawyer. This is the reputation that a lot of the country now knows, overshadowing his past as a national hero.