The Secret Life of Eric Tavisora: The Urban School’s longtime crossing guard


Olive Lopez

Tavisora in front of Urban ready to help people cross the street.

In a bright orange vest, holding a red stop sign, Eric Tavisora, 41, is more than just a traffic guard at The Urban School of San Francisco.

Not only does he work a nine-hour day at Urban, but Tavisora also works up to three jobs at any given time, typically construction jobs that Travisora picks up on the side.

“Urban is my favorite place that I have worked so far,” said Tavisora, who began working at Urban in 2011. Tavisora’s wife, Kristina, and daughter, Erica, work with him as Urban’s volleyball coach and receptionist.

Tavisora devotes his life to his work as well as providing for his family, and has four dogs that he plays with in his free time. He lives in San Francisco, where he attended John O’Connell High School in the Mission District. Once, Tavisora set an engine on fire while working in auto-shop class.

When you see Tavisora around; don’t just say thank you: Stop and say hi.