Senior regrets

Vivien Manning, Features Editor


Larkin White

One time freshman year in history class, Charisse was telling a story about how at this other school she was teaching at, some students told her when people are talking she just stares at them with no expression on their face and it’s scary. I just blurted out halfway through the story, “oOh my god, that’s so annoying!” She was not thrilled.


Skylar Baker

I regret taking Russian Literature. I did not like it. I found it to kill my spring vibes junior year. It was about topics which I think were really hard for young people to speak to.

I regret making my senior spring schedule so hard.


Diego Lopez

I regret not reaching out to people my freshman and sophomore year. I waited for people to come talk to me instead of reaching out and texting people to hang out.


Katherine Weltzien

I regret the time in freshman year when I left my computer under one of the desks in the Sea room and then I freaked out because I forgot it and had to go back during a junior Spanish class an hour later. I just ran in with my head down and grabbed it from under the seat and ran out like a little gremlin. A few hours later, Anna Hambrecht (‘18), who happened to be in that class, said “So, Katherine, did you come into my Spanish class today?”

I also regret every time someone told me “Happy birthday” and I said “you too.”


Andrea Castaneda

I regret not talking to different people because we have a lot of cool people in our grade. I regret not taking more art classes.


Ana Gorski

I regret not asking the former crossing guard David to Prom… On a more serious note, I wish that I had been less self-conscious and laughed a lot harder.


Will Hoppin

I regret not being more adventurous during summers. I regret taking life too seriously and taking school too seriously. I don’t regret working hard, I regret putting my life on hold for work and using work as an excuse to not live my life. I regret not spending as much time with my family and not realizing how important they are to me.


Hunter Hancock

I regret taking so long to learn self-advocacy. For the longest time, I was unhappy that Urban didn’t have a robotics club and this year I was like, why didn’t I just start that?. I wasn’t quite aware of how much power and independence Urban gave me until in some cases it was too late.


Julia Van Riel

I regret never having bought a HSM sandwich. At this point, it’s a streak, so I’ll have to buy one after I graduate.


Jade Barnblatt

I regret not taking Stonecarving. I regret not singing earlier in my Urban career. I regret chickening out my Sophomore year and not doing the Peer Ed Show. I wish I had taken Infectious Disease and not been too scared.


Jack Fatheree

I regret not taking as many classes with Scott Nelson and Richard Lautze. I need more of those two men in my life. I regret taking way too many UAS classes for no reason whatsoever.


Maceo Anderson

I regret befriending Larkin White.


Anna Hambrecht

I regret not spending more time with Geoff Ruth.