Urban hosts workshops to reflect on national racial issues


Jacob Winick

Clarke Weatherspoon introduces workshops on Monday at all school meeting.

Over the next two weeks, Urban will be hosting a series of workshops to discuss race issues in the United States and in our own smaller community. According to Clarke Weatherspoon, who introduced the workshops to the school during all school meeting on Monday morning. Weatherspoon wrote that the meetings “will focus on the students emotional and personal reaction to the events regarding Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland, and Phoenix as well as the national response to these events.”

Students have a variety of workshops to choose from. The options range from one called “Being,” which will be hosted in the Independence Room during lunch on Thursday and will focus on relaxing to one called “Dealing with Systems of Power and Engaging in Activism,” which will be in the Independence Room on Friday during lunch and will address how students “can move toward activism.” For a complete list of the workshops students are encouraged to check Weatherspoon’s email to the Bulletin Board.

In addition to the workshops, affinity groups will still meet in their normal space, but will also focus on race issues.