First Gold Medal Tie in Olympic Alpine Skiing Ever

For the first time in Olympic history, there was a tie for the gold medal during the women’s alpine downhill skiing event during day 7, Feb. 12, of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Tina Maze of Slovenia and Dominique Gisin of Switzerland both took home the gold after a minute and 41.57 seconds each of aggressive downhill. While there was some controversy over whether or not the clocks should have run the 1,000th of a second, or even further to the 10,000th, to see who the real winer was, Daniel Baumat, the vice president of Swiss Timing, the official timekeepers of the Olympics, stated that the rules dictated that the seconds be counted to the 100th, and nothing more. The rules are the rules, and thus, both Gisin and Maze will be happily returning to their homes with the Olympic gold, a first for both of the competitors.

So much has happened in only 7 days at the Winter Olympics, that, with 9 days to come, this could be one of the most eventful Olympics yet. Stay tuned for even more Sochi Moments in the days to come.