After arduous trek, Jamaican bobsled team finishes 29th

Thanks to “Cool Runnings,” the sports film that profiled the 1988 Jamacian bobsled team, one of the most important moments of the Winter Olympics takes place when the Jamaican men’s bobsled team competes.

This year, however, things didn’t turn out as planned.

Originally, the team didn’t have the funding to even attend the Olympics, but, after creating multiple Internet campaigns to raise funds to make #coolrunnings2 happen, the team was able to attend the Olympics.

In transit to Sochi, however, all of the equipment purchased with their Internet cash was lost. But hope was not dead: Other bobsled teams pitched in to help.

The day of competition, the Jamaican men’s doubles team raced down the track with speeds that put them in the 29th spot, out of 30 teams.

Despite the lack of success at Sochi, the love for the team has not faltered and viewers are already turning their eyes to the 2018 South Korean Winter Olympics with hopes that a medal will be in their future.