Students react to Urban’s logo change

Catherine Silvestri, Staff Writer

With the North Campus Expansion underway and the 50th anniversary approaching, the Urban School of San Francisco released their new logo, a tri-colored letter U with the word “Urban” wrote simply beside it. The previous logo, as seen below, were just the words, “The Urban School of San Francisco.”af294301-93cb-463e-8532-902bc50565e9

They began rebranding and brainstorming last year along with Mission Minded and Manual to create a logo “to convey confidence, trust, experience and vibrancy,” according to the letter sent to the Urban community from Head of School, Mark Salkind.

The school released a PDF explaining the process and all the possible meanings of the logo, including that it resembles the shape of the common table arrangement in Urban classrooms. The “new logo reflects who we are in 2016 and more fully represents our dynamic future,” wrote Salkind.

The three new Urban logos, including the athletic and X Lab logo
The three new Urban logos, including the athletic and X Lab logo

Different opinions of the logo change are swarming the school, teachers and students are debating their liking and disliking of the new symbol. After interviewing 20+ people, I heard an overwhelming amount of people who opposed the logo rather than supported it.

One of the few students who supported the logo, Leo Hidy (19) was in favor of the logo change and thought it was a positive change for Urban. He said, “I like the logo and the geometric part of it.”

While other students disagreed with Hidy, like Coby Jolish (18), who said, “I liked the old one better. I see what they were trying to do but it doesn’t have the same Urban spirit.”

Alex Edwards (18) said, “it’s definitely interesting since its modern and techie, but I’m neutral towards it.”

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