Things overheard at Urban

The Urban school of San Francisco has an abundance of strong opinionated voices, and many students are not afraid to speak whatever wacky and weird thoughts come to their minds. This deluge of voices makes way for an entertaining eavesdropping opportunity. I have taken it upon myself to bring the readers of the Urban Legend a few of the titbits overheard throughout  Urban’s halls and classrooms. Read, and appreciate the humor, drama, and perhaps even wisdom of the unsuspecting students below.

Overheard at 5 pm, on day 1 of the Junior Retreat, one boy to a group of boys: “Ferb [from Phineas and Ferb] is my celebrity crush. Tall, dark, and handsome.”

Overheard at dusk, day 1 of the Junior Retreat: 

“Why would you ever need a green light? You’re not f**kin’ Gatsby.”

Overheard at 11 am, Day 3 of the Junior Retreat:

1: “Mission tortilla chips are the love of my life.”

2: “Maybe you should find humans.”

Overheard after lunch on a Monday, Synapse lab: “I was all too happy. He let me brush his brows.”

Overheard November 14, E5, library: “I really need purple for the sake of consistency in my recycle.”

Overheard November 14, D period, Tamalpais room: “Well, this is physics. We don’t talk about things that would actually happen.”

Overheard November 16, lunchtime in the lobby:“I actually want a baby ostrich; look how sticky it is!”

Overheard November 29, lunch, hallway: “It’s been a long week of one day. I’m done.”

Overheard at November 29, E3, Odyssey room:

1: “You smell really good!”

2: “Oh you know what it is? It’s this detergent I brought back from Amsterdam.”