New taco restaurant on Haight st. spices up lunch options

Watch out, Norma – there’s another Mexican food option in town. For the Urban student craving an escape from the Student Center, El Faro, and Zona Rosa, Street Taco, located at 1607 Haight St between Clayton and Belvedere, is the place for you!

Street Taco is anything but a street taco that one would find from a truck vendor on a Mission District corner, with more than twice the meat per taco and much more easily accessible settings.

Ample portions at reasonable prices are sure to appeal to the average Urban student looking for Mexican lunch on Haight street that won’t put them back over $10. With a set of two substantially sized tacos for $7, Street Taco is looking like a steal compared to a breakfast burrito for $10.95 at 1428 Haight (formerly Squat and Gobble) and $10.75 for a Carnitas Platter at El Faro, located directly across the street from Street Taco. For refreshment, Street Taco has Jarritos and Mexican Coca-Cola for $2.50, and agua fresca for $2.25.

The handmade corn tortillas were one of our favorite elements of the meal. Eleanor James (’16) ordered the chicken tacos, and said that they were “spicy” and had “great flavor”. Jack Gallo (’16) ordered the steak nachos ($8.75), and commented that it was “delicious”, and “more than enough” to satiate his appetite. We noticed that the food portions were incredibly generous – not one of us went back to school hungry. The carnitas (braised pork) were a little greasy, but the carne asada (grilled steak) was well done and perfectly seasoned. The tacos were authentic, served with cilantro, diced onion, and a slice of lime.

Pro-tip : the alambres (chicken or beef with peppers and cheese) are packed with bacon, an addition that isn’t specified on the menu. You won’t find a wild variety of meats such as lengua (tongue), cabeza (mixed face meat), or cesos (brain) – but they do offer authentic nopales (cactus) and vegetarian taco options.

Street Taco is a five minute walk away from Urban – just two minutes more than a walk to Haight Street Market. We arrived at the start of lunch, our food came quickly, and was delicious and inexpensive. On a scale from 1 to 5 yetis – we ranked it 5/5.